Self Hypnosis Techniques

While self hypnosis really stands out as an art that is refined with practice and time, and it is up to the individual to take it and make it work in the best possible way. However, there are certain techniques that if followed, can make self hypnosis a much more effective and practical tool.

Part of the learning curve with self hypnosis possibly involves training the mind to enter the self hypnosis state,  which is naturally time consuming, but results can be seen fairly quickly if you formulate your affirmations correctly and possibly include a simple but realistic visualization at the end.

The best technique to follow is to do it every day (preferably in the morning upon rising and just before sleep) and not to spend more than 5 minutes in each session. Followed consistently is likely to transform your whole life around.
Additionally, it is recommended to start your practice in a quiet and peaceful place without distraction.

However, the edge of your bed will do just fine as long as there are no noises around. Some people live in noisy apartments, and deal with it by using noise cancelling headphones or some even use ear plugs to completely cancel out the noise, keep in mind that this is not recommended if you have children or if you need to hear any alarms or any danger you need to be able to hear.

The main reason why we aim to reach a relaxed state before starting our affirmations is because in a relaxed state, our conscious mind, the gatekeeper, is usually of guard because the body is relaxed the mind believes it needs to switch off and get ready to sleep, so if done properly, affirmations go straight into your unconscious mind.

Another important aspect about goal setting is most people set goals that they haven't really thought out very well. If someone says they want to earn 1 million dollars a year, the reality is that it may very well be working in a job that doesn't allow you to spend any time with your family or the ones you love, or even something you are happy doing.

What is more important, is what will achieving this goal help you achieve? Every person is different, for some it can be never having to work, for others it can be travel and spending time in retreat, or even helping other people. Whatever the goal helps someone achieve should be the new goal, because the mind knows how to work better with it, so for example, a rewritten affirmation would be: 'Every day in every way I am finding new ways to enough money to allow me to travel to the places I love'.

In summary, the best techniques to follow for practical and achievable results are:

1- Practice every day, preferably in the morning and night
2- Limit your sessions to 5 minutes
3- Choose goals that are achievable and simple to start with, and build upon them

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