Welcome to Self Hypnosis For Weightloss

Several human beings around the world are struggling with obesity, going on yo-yo diets year after year starving and punishing themselves. They fight a losing battle and try to resist the inner hunger that is almost impossible to resist, with many of them giving up and losing themselves to a hard and miserable life.

However, it doesn't have to be like that, especially with Self Hypnosis, as research is indicating that people using self hypnosis for weightloss are quieting that inner hunger and finally being at peace with themselves and who they are.

Through this simple process, people are able to change habits they have been fighting for decades and finally their unconscious mind takes charge of the whole process instead of fighting it with their will and constantly losing and with the power of the unconscious mind, the process is easy, simple and permanent.

Of course, developing the skill of self hypnosis requires practice, and in the beginning the mind is not conditioned to entering into trance easily, but the beginner of this practice should develop the skill by choosing a quiet and comfortable place, where they can sit for at least five minutes. The addition of music can be a good thing, as long as the music is nice and can trigger that state of mind after some time of practice.

Self hypnosis does involve physical relaxation and calming the mind as well. This starts with either focusing on the breath, and then relaxing every single part of the body, or vice versa until the mind reaches an altered state of consciousness and the person doing the self hypnosis can now being their work. It can be useful to link this state to specific steps they perform, in order to program the mind to connect the steps with the state. For example, going to a beautiful place in your mind, or counting down from 10 down to 1 while going down a stair case until reaching the bottom.

Once at this altered state of consciousness it is recommended to combine both affirmations and visualization, so when following an eating program and habituating the unconscious mind to follow this eating program, affirmations can be repeated such as: 'I feel satisfied from my meals and avoid snacking at all cost', or 'I enjoy exercise and feel rejuvenated and energized', etc.

After an affirmation is stated, it is preferably combined with a visualization that reflects that affirmation or the visualization can come towards the end and only look like your life once you achieve that ideal state of health and weightloss.

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